Emily Cain Fundraiser

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Cain Fundraising

You can also contribute online at:


RSVP to Emily Brown at (603) 801-7741 or brown@emilycain.com


Yard Sign

The Penobscot County Democratic Committee purchased Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine lawn signs

It will be the only way to get a Clinton/Kaine sign for this election in Penobscot County.

If you would like to get your own sign to proudly display on your lawn.  They will be available at the Bangor and Old Town Democratic Offices!
Due the tremendous cost of the signs, we humbly ask for a donation of $4.00 for each sign or a sign and a Hillary for ME bumper sticker for $5.00 (Bumper Stickers alone cost $2.00, It is a good deal)



for at least a couple of shifts

For more information: contact Paul Davis at: pauldmaine@mac.com

Annual American Folk Festival Brunch

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PCDC American Folk Festival Brunch

PCDC American Folk Festival Brunch

Meet many of your legislators and friends while enjoying brunch before the American Folk Festival.


 Suggested Donation for Individual ticket: $25 


Host Committee Opportunities are Available

$100 – Brunch Sponsor

$75 – Brunch Supporter

$40 – Brunch Friend



This is a fundraiser for the Penobscot County Democratic Committee to help elect Democrats!


Old Town Office Grand Opening

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Come celebrate with the Penobscot Democrats we open a campaign office in Old Town!


Old  Town Office

296 Main Street, Old Town


August 11th

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Penobscot Dems Open Office in Old Town!

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We are very proud to open a campaign office in Old Town for the 2016 elections!

It is opening on August 11th. It is located at:

296 Main Street, Old Town

Since it has been awhile since the PCDC opened a campaign office, there are many things we need. If you can loan us any of the following items, please let Paul Davis know.

email: pauldmaine@mac.com or

phone:  570-4273




Cleaning supplies

Bathroom supplies (toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels)



Office Supplies

Painters Tape

Scatter Rugs



Coffee Maker

Electrical cords and power strips/surge protectors

Thank you!


PCDC Caucus Breakfast

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Penobscot County Democratic Committee

Caucus Breakfast


March 6th

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Seasons Restaurant

427 Main Street


Before you caucus on March 6th, come join other Democrats and Democratic candidates for a breakfast buffet!
Donations will be appreciated to help defray costs of this exciting event.
Suggested donation is $20.

The Famous Penobscot County Caucus Breakfast

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Penobscot Dem's Symbol


Every caucus day, the Penobscot County Democratic Committee holds their Caucus Breakfast! Meet candidates throughout the county and state.

This year, the breakfast will be held on caucus day, March 6th at 9:00 AM.


Seasons Restaurant

427 Main Street – Bangor





Caucus Locations in Penobscot County

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March 6, 2016




To find your caucus locations in Penobscot County, click on the below link



Municipal Clerks will be available one hour before until the the caucus convenes to register new voters and enroll independents in the Democratic Party.

Snow date is March 13


John F. Kennedy Dinner Pictures

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The John F. Kennedy Recognition Dinner was a huge success.  Many thanks to all that helped and those you attended.

A big thank you to Jeff Kirlin for being our official photographer.






For more photos, go to Jeff Kirlin’s The Thing of the Moment Facebook album

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Old Town High School
203 Stillwater Avenue
Old Town, Maine
6:00 p.m.
The purpose of this special caucus will be to hold an election to fill a vacancy that currently exists: Register of Probate of Penobscot County  This vacancy exists as the result of former Register of Probate, Susan Almy’s resignation. The names of the top three vote getters will be submitted to Governor LePage for his selection and approval.
  • Any currently registered member of the Maine Democratic Party at the time of the last election (November 3, 2015) who resides in Penobscot County is eligible to be nominated and vote to fill the position of Register of Probate.
  • ALL caucus attendees who wish to vote in this election MUST REGISTER with the caucus clerk(s) PRIOR to the caucus and be APPROVED as an “eligible voter”.
  • Registrations will close at 6:30 p.m. No-one will be allowed to register after 6:30 p.m.
  • Nominations will be entertained from the floor. Self-nominations will be allowed. No limit exists re: the number of individuals who can be nominated.
  • Each nominee will be given the opportunity to introduce herself/himself and to provide a concise statement re: her/his qualifications for this office and why she or he would like to hold this office [2-minute limit].
  • All voting will be conducted by secret paper ballot. Each eligible voter will be allowed to vote for one nominee. The three nominees who receive the most total votes on all ballots submitted will be declared as the “winners.” The ballots will be counted and recorded by the County Chair and two other PCDC members appointed by the Chair. Any nominee who so wishes is welcome to choose a representative to be present during the counting of votes.
  • At the conclusion of ballot counting, the Chair will announce the results.
  • The names of three (3) individuals who received the largest number of total votes will be submitted to the Governor for his approval.
  • The PCDC Chair will submit the results of this election to fill the current vacancy that exists for Register of Probate, Penobscot County to Governor LePage within seven (7) calendar days subsequent to this election.
# Maine State Statute Regarding This Election
Vacancies caused by death, resignation, removal from the county, permanent incapacity as defined in Title 30-A, section 1, subsection 2-A or any other reason must be filled as provided in the Constitution of Maine. In the case of a vacancy in the term of a register of probate who was nominated by primary election before the general election, the register of probate appointed by the Governor to fill the vacancy until a successor is chosen at election must be enrolled in the same political party as the register of probate whose term is vacant. In making the appointment, the Governor shall choose from any recommendations submitted to the Governor by the county committee of the political party from which the appointment is to be made. [1995, c. 683, §2 (AMD).]
For more information regarding this caucus, please contact Paul Davis at pauldmaine@mac.com or (207) 570-4273.
Paid for by the Penobscot County Democratic Committee. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee